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June 8, 2022 /By: Dean Burgess

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How has this pandemic changed you?

The pandemic brought about a number of major life changes for people everywhere. Perhaps you took certain lifestyle shifts in stride, while others proved to be major challenges that were difficult to overcome. It is important to recognize how these pandemic challenges can be a catalyst for growth, especially if you are still fighting personal battles in these turbulent times.

There are a number of common situations that everyone is familiar with as a result of the pandemic. Knowing how these challenging situations can bring about personal benefit can help you foster a more positive mindset going forward.

Let’s take a closer look at how this pandemic has changed you (hopefully for the better) as well as others.


1. Finding Creative Ways to Stay Fit

At the start of the pandemic, the gym was the last place anyone wanted to be. Even a leisurely jog through your neighborhood warranted a certain level of hesitation.

Utilizing accessible bodyweight workouts at home has been a great solution to staying fit without making a trip during this pandemic. Investing in a well-equipped home gym is an endeavor that can continue to benefit you well beyond the current times.


2. Maintaining Mental Well-Being is Another Way the Pandemic Has Changed You

Coping with lockdown situations can take a serious toll on anyone’s mental state. You might have struggled to find motivation when you felt confined to your home and ever so distant from your friends and family.

Positive self-care and self-improvement practices can continue to carry you through periods of emotional hardship. Meditation, gardening, and other hobbies are perfect ways to promote mental health and give yourself a sense of fulfillment. Health experts also recommend other self-care tips such as prioritizing sleep to maintain a healthy mind.

A woman changed during the pandemic performing a tree yoga pose.
Yoga is a great way to maintain your mental health during the pandemic.


3. Adapting to Working From Home

Remote work is the new normal for many professionals across the world. However, transitioning to a work-from-home routine did not come easily to everyone.

You may have even had to spend weeks or months searching for the right job that offers a remote option. If you are a parent, you likely had to balance the responsibilities of work, parenting, and overseeing schoolwork while also making a healthy amount of free time for yourself.


Becoming acclimated to a remote work lifestyle grants you the potential for a lot of freedom going forward, however.

You gain new opportunities over great distances and the power to control your own work environment and schedule. Perhaps, most importantly, you gain more quality time with your family once you have learned to strike the right balance between your various obligations.


4. Starting Your Own Business

Many people experienced a phenomenon of too much free time and not enough work opportunities as a result of the pandemic. If you found yourself in this situation, starting your own business was probably the right solution.

Certain types of businesses require very little legal action to get started. However, you might need to file for a DBA or “doing business as” name if you wish to market your services under a name other than your own. An additional DBA can be useful if you intend to branch out and sell new products that may perform better under a different name, or if a suitable domain is not available.

This is a great time for businesses to flourish and thrive.  So if you have not yet started a business, now is a great time to do so.

While certain challenges have made the pandemic years feel like little more than a constant struggle to simply muddle through, those same challenges have presented opportunities for growth.

Learning how to care for yourself and how to maintain work/career balance will assist you in continuing to be successful throughout the pandemic and beyond.

How has this pandemic changed you?  I would love to hear your stories.  Comment down below.


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7 thoughts on “How Has This Pandemic Changed You?

  1. I started writing during the pandemic to keep me sane as running outside has been pretty limited for us.

  2. The pandemic changed me in that I decided to go back to school to earn my degree. It’s hard to look at the pandemic as a good thing, but I think a lot of people chose to look at it as an opportunity and make some healthy life changes.

  3. Maintaining my mental health since the pandemic has been difficult. I constantly have anxiety when leaving the house. It’s been a struggle but I try to keep positive and work on keeping a clear mind. Love this article and I hope you are doing well too!

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