Life Coaching Benefits:

benefits of life coaching

There are many life coaching benefits.  Life-coaching allows you to embark on a journey of self-enhancement to provide practical and actionable steps towards your goal and to present real solutions while changing and combating limiting beliefs.

Life coaching will equip you with the tools to breakthrough and actually accomplish your goals through accountability, a new mind-set, and a new tool-set.

 Here at Imparted Wisdom Blog we offer transformational life coaching.

 What is Transformational Life Coaching?

Transformational life coaching is different from traditional life coaching.  Whereas traditional life coaching aims to help you make a change by dealing with your current situation and mindset by simply changing your actions and goal strategy, transformational life coaching dives deeper.


Transformational coaching helps you to undergo truly lasting change.  Transformational coaching is largely based on mindfulness, conscious awareness, and getting to the heart of why you are making your current decisions and what are some real actionable steps you can take towards change.

Or perhaps if you feel transformational coaching is not needed at this time, perhaps you could simply  use increased motivation or an accountability partner…


Perhaps your issue is not diving deeper into your internal beliefs and negative habits.  Maybe you’ve done work in that area and that is not your particular focus. Perhaps you just need some extra motivation to get you back on track.

Well, look no further, if you are simply in need of  extra motivation, then you will be assisted in diving into your driving motivations behind your goals and how to reignite that passion.

Accountability Partner

Once again, if your issue is not one of the aforementioned, and what you mainly want to focus on is accountability, then you will simply be held more accountable.

You will have a partner to check in with you and to help you stay on track and help you to ensure you are taking the necessary action steps towards achieving your goals.

Forgiveness/Anger Release Coaching

Or perhaps if your issue is needing to forgive someone or release anger, then you should sign up for  forgiveness/anger release coaching.  In this process we help you to get empowered with a renewed mindset and toolset to get the peace you soo desperately seek.

—-Coaching sessions consist of 1 weekly 30 minute session along with email communication access./$100 per session

–Coaching ranges in intervals of 3, 6, 9, and 12 months.


***It is recommended that clients commit to at least three months of coaching for optimal results.


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