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Seven toxic habits that drain your energy…

June 7, 2022 /By: Jassica Mendez

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We often feel exhausted even though we didn’t have any physically demanding tasks that day. It’s true that this can also depend on your physical health. It often has something to do with how you feel mentally. Certain things we do make us mentally exhausted without us even noticing.

But our energy is not infinite – it is a very limited source. Not managing it well can lead to being overwhelmed and less productive. It can affect your family relationships, staying close to your partner, and advancement at work. That’s why we should be very careful with what drains our energy levels.

However, it’s very easy to recognize those habits and feel good about yourself again. This is the only guide you need to do it.  We present the main seven toxic habits that drain your energy – and ways you can fix them!

Seven Toxic Habits That Drain Your Energy

1. Not Decluttering Your Living Space Regularly is a Toxic Habit

The space you spend your time in can tell a lot about how you feel. Messy and cluttered living spaces and offices can affect the way you feel at the end of the day. Too much clutter can prevent you from being productive and lead to spending more time doing simple tasks. That’s why regular decluttering should be part of your daily routine.

Remove junk and throw it away, put items you’ve used back in their place and remove expired foods and cosmetics. Things we don’t need take over our space and drain our energy, as they make it hard to function and find the things you actually need. 

2. Being a People Pleaser

Being perfect is never easy – we are humans who do not have superpowers. In the same way, you trying to please everyone and be a perfect friend, co-worker, partner, parent, and child is simply not possible. People have unique perceptions of relationships and the world around them, which is why it is difficult to meet everyone’s expectations.

Being a people pleaser is quite common, but you should know it takes away valuable time and energy to do that. Investing your time, patience, and energy wisely will surely lead to great relationships with people around you. However, it’s not necessary to meet all the expectations. Trying to do that can affect your self-esteem and result in feeling insecure and overwhelmed at the end of the day.  

How to deal with this issue? Well, know your boundaries. When you stop pleasing others, it doesn’t mean you become insensitive and careless. It just means you know your limits and focus your energy on the people you really care about. Also, never forget that every relationship is a two-way street, so don’t waste your energy on the people who don’t deserve it. 

a woman falling asleep from being drained.
It’s difficult to please everyone – it’s one of the toxic habits that drain your energy.

3. Not Managing Your Anger and Holding a Grudge

Disappointment and resentment are quite common. However, they should not define the way you spend your day, communicate with others, and do your job. Holding on to resentment and bad feelings for too long leads to harboring anger, which doesn’t simply go away.

It piles up and can explode when you least expect it. Holding a grudge can lead to more serious issues such as depression, panic disorders, anxiety attacks, etc.  Furthermore, this is surely something that drains the energy that you can spend on something much more enjoyable. 

How to stop being angry? 

There are several ways to deal with an old grudge. The best way you to do that is to let your emotions out. Write a letter or an email you’ll never send. Express your feelings, and it will make you feel better.

Also, try to take another perspective. Think about the possibility the other person didn’t hurt you intentionally or that this was an honest mistake. Finally, forgive and forget. Letting it go is a simple way to understand that life is too short to hold on to a grudge for too long. 

4. One of the Seven Toxic Habits That Drain Your Energy—The FOMO Syndrome

Another one of the seven toxic habits that drain your energy is the fear of missing out (FOMO).  FOMO, is a common issue these days. Due to the effect of social media and being constantly exposed to new information, people develop the fear of missing something.

Using social media without any particular purpose is a huge waste of time but also one of the habits that drain your energy. Social media networks are great for socializing with your friends and even running a business, but try to limit the time you spend using them. You can use the internet to solve this issue. Use it to find help with ease and have an online therapy session with someone who is objective and understands the common problems of the modern lifestyle. 

A man using the internet on his mobile phone--which is one of the seven toxic habits that drain your energy.
It’s okay not to know everything – use the internet for a good cause.

5. Not Making Time for Healthy Food Options 

Your food is your fuel. If the fuel is bad, your body can’t run properly. Not making time to cook your meals and choose healthier options will surely drain your energy and even lead to some health issues.

Try to avoid junk foods as much as possible. Also, prep your meals in advance to be sure you’ll eat something good instead of grabbing the first unhealthy thing that comes to your hands. 

6.Being Too Harsh on Yourself 

Self-criticism is great – to some extent. Being overly critical of your work, looks, or anything else can lead to becoming overwhelmed and fed up with everything.

Try to be positive and, more importantly, objective when judging something you’ve done. Consider the circumstances and all the factors that led to those results. This will lead you to positive changes instead of feeling like a failure.

7. Being a Control Freak is One of the Seven Toxic Habits That Drain Your Energy

Being in charge of your life is one thing. Trying to be in control of everything around you is another. Having the need to be in charge of everything and do it your way will drain a lot of your energy as it’s impossible to succeed this way. Learn to trust others to do certain tasks, and stop feeling bad if they don’t do it your way. 

Maintaining your mental health is a lot of work. Recognizing toxic habits that drain your energy is the first but most important step to overcoming the problem. Making gradual changes will lead to a more fulfilled life and days with more energy to enjoy simple things. 

Now that you are aware of these seven habits that drain your energy, make the effort to stop doing these things today so you can get back to feeling and being your best!


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  1. I have definitely learned to manage my and not let people control my emotions, because most times they take away our peace.

  2. I haven’t had time to make healthy meals, which has definitely shifted my mood. I wasn’t even thinking about how it could affect me so much. Thanks for the tips!

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