Here we aim to help you become the best version of yourself while differentiating ourselves from other self/personal improvement blogs…


Hello. My name is Erin Mixon. Welcome to the Imparted Wisdom Community where our motto is:  There are brighter days up ahead!!

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The Difference

This is a safe space where we offer a variety of self-help content that not only addresses your mental needs, but your spiritual, and emotional needs as well!

Here we aim to do something  different from the status quo content offered on other personal improvement blogs.



Imparted Wisdom is a site where we share tips on self improvement.

On this site, we share insight into a variety of  topics centered on spirituality, growth, healing, and self-development.

 It is a space designed to encourage, motivate, and inspire others.  Hopefully this space proves to be one where everyone can take something from it and ultimately walk away better in some form or fashion.

Personal Improvement Blog

With this blog, my intention is to share various insights I have come to know and understand over the years.   My hope is that you will be able to take these lessons, revelations, and epiphanies and somehow have your own lives be enriched by this knowledge.

My hope and prayer is that this knowledge helps you grow, improve, and just have an overall better perspective about various aspects of your life.  

 I hope that my experience helps you grow and broaden your perspective.   


For those of you needing some extra help to grow and move from a stagnant place in your life, or perhaps you are just seeking more motivation or an accountability partner…

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 So…welcome, enjoy, and continue to grow.

Go forth and be better!!  Namaste!!


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