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Why we should forgive others…

February 13, 2021/By: Erin Mixon

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Do you need to forgive someone today?

This article is all about why we should forgive others.

I’m aware that this concept is much easier said than done.  But I encourage you today to not let another day go by where you harbor unforgiveness in your heart because the risk is too great.  In the following paragraphs, you will see why and how it is sooo important for you to forgive.

Lack of forgiveness truly hinders your quality of life and can literally be a matter of life and death.

The following are three reasons why we should forgive others:

   1. Choosing Not to Forgive Hardens You

Unforgiveness is a full time job.

It takes soo much energy and life force to hold on to that hurt…

It takes so much effort that over time, it can truly begin to weigh you down and become overwhelmingly exhausting.

If you’re not careful, you allow it to affect you like a disease.

As this disease begins to travel throughout your body, it produces toxins that infect your whole being.

After a while, the anger and resentment that used to only be reserved for that one particular person you had an issue with, it becomes all consuming.

Now, it becomes your main focus and begins to take over your life.  Before you know it…

You get so used to wallowing in the anger and resentment that your permanent personality becomes hard, cold, and angry.


    2. Choosing Not to Forgive Creates A Block Within You

What often happens with unforgiveness is that we as individuals begin to put up an emotional wall.  In our minds…it is a wall of protection.

It is a wall that we put up to keep others from hurting us.  We see this barrier as a good thing….and the perfect way to not allow ourselves to be revictimized.  It makes perfect sense!

But the problem comes in when that “protective” wall used to keep ourselves safe…

Begins to prevent new potential loving people and relationships from coming in.

That wall of protection has now become a wall of imprisonment.

In order to move forward, you want to begin to love and trust again in an effort to move forward and foster new growth and beauty coming into your life…

But the wall of fear and doubt, won’t allow anyone to permeate this block.

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A young woman forming a heart with her hands promoting love and why we should forgive others.
Forgiveness heals your body, mind, and spirit.

Why do we need to forgive others??? Because love is waiting to break through.

  3. Unforgiveness is A Catalyst For Disease

According to an article produced by Johns Hopkins Medicine, lack of forgiveness can literally be a matter of life and death.  The article details the fact that “resentment” and “unresolved conflict” affects everything from sleep, heart health, cholesterol levels, and the immune system.  It has also been known to contribute to stress,  anxiety, depression and cancer.

The effort we should be using to properly perform the daily operations in our body…is now being used to pump toxic hormones and chemicals within us (created by the habit of holding on to these feelings).

We have to ask ourselves the question…Is it really worth it?

All the reasons why you need to forgive today should be pretty clear.

If you are dealing with the issue of hanging on to anger and resentment today, you literally cannot afford to go one more day like this!

Make a decision today to make peace and hopefully come to some sort of resolution with the problem or person(s).

In some cases, contacting the person or making some sort of mutual resolution just isn’t possible.   It is important to still come to some sort of peaceful resolution within yourself.

One alternative is to write a letter to the person (which you  may opt not to send) or have a verbal dialogue with the person with only you present.  At the end of the day, it’s all about making peace with yourself.

So don’t delay!  Begin the process of learning how to forgive today, so you can go back to experiencing all the best that life has to offer you!

Comment down below if you are ready to begin a new chapter with forgiveness…


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