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How do you raise your vibration?

February 19, 2021 /By: Erin Mixon

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How Do You Raise Your Vibration?

What is Vibrational Frequency?

And is there a link between vibration frequency and manifestation…??

To put it simply…vibration is the spiritual energy that you give off…your vibe so to speak.

You can be giving off a high, positive vibration, or a low, negative vibration…or somewhere in-between.

As you will see in the following paragraphs, vibration is a key factor in how we interact with our world and how our world interacts with us.

For this reason, we always need to be mindful of our vibration and want to monitor and adjust our vibration when we notice that we begin to vibrate low.

So let’s explore this connection between vibration and manifestation?


What Is the connection Between Vibration and Manifestation?

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.  As within, so without

We live in a holographic universe, so the more you are at peace and content internally, you’ll begin to see that reflected externally.

This concept is also key when talking about manifestation.

You have to vibrate at a high energetic frequency in order to manifest good things.

When you are thinking positively and feeling good, you naturally start to see more good things manifest in your reality.  Everything just seems to naturally flow and work out for the better, but on the other hand, when your thoughts are always low and negative, then you get into a cycle of manifesting more negative things.  You may start to feel like things don’t ever go right for you and you can’t seem to break out of the negative cycle.

A woman using a Tibetan bowl to raise her vibration.
Raising your vibration (being done here with a Tibetan singing bowl) is one of the most powerful manifestation tips.

What Are Some Things You Can Do to Raise Your Vibration?

Feeling good is the key to a high vibrational frequency.

So you should definitely do more things that make you feel good and hang out with the people that make you feel good.

Some general things you can do to raise your vibration include:

  • exercising
  • listening to good, uplifting music
  • getting a good night’s sleep
  • reading/listening to inspirational content
  • being more grateful
  • keeping a gratitude journal
  • going out in nature
  • getting sunlight

Vibration is synonymous with:

  • love
  • positive thoughts
  • happiness
  • forgiveness
  • optimism
  • heart centered focus


You can use your vibration as an internal compass to know if you are going in the right direction.  When you start to vibrate low, this is your cue to quickly begin to refocus your thoughts, begin to think about what you want, rather than what you don’t, and begin to affirm positive declarations.

When you are vibrating high, you are allowing your heart to be your guide and you are in the best position to receive all of the positive energy you are emitting from within back from your reality.

Now that we are clear about the link between vibration and manifestation, go out today and begin the process of doing more of what you love!

As you begin to do more of what you love, you will tap into the power of the link between vibrational frequency and manifestation and begin to live your best life possible!


What have you found to be your most useful manifestation tips?  Comment down below.


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