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May 24, 2019/By: Erin Mixon


This post is all about how raising your vibration through music helps you to manifest.   In my last post, I talked about how I manifested the experience of going to an Erykah Badu concert that I desperately wanted to attend (in college) by being in the flow.

Reflecting back…as I recounted the details that led up to the concert…I was able to pinpoint those specific things that I did unconsciously that led to my manifesting the concert experience.

But as I read over my last post (while putting the finishing touches on it)…I realized I had overlooked a huge piece of the puzzle.

There was another key component that had a huge impact that played into the whole overall manifestation process.

And that key component is: music

Here are 3 ways that the power of music helps you to manifest:

  1. Elevated Mood (Raising Your Vibration)

My previous post detailed how amazing I would feel when I listened to Erykah Badu’s Mama’s Gun album.  It was literally like an other worldly experience.  As I listened to the music, I would lose myself in the moment and become one with it.   It felt like I was floating on a crowd.

In that moment, I was sooo light and free.

Because my spirit was sooo in tune and sooo elevated, it instantly raised my vibration to another level.  This surge in vibration put me at the optimum frequency to manifest the concert experience.

Raising your vibration is key in the process of manifestation.

2. You Become One With the Experience

In the process of manifestation, it is important to get in tune with the thing you are trying to manifest.  You can’t just think it.  You have to think it, see it, do it, and be it.  As I listened to the music,  I could feel myself there with Erykah at the concert.   I could feel the vibration of her soulful voice and the intensity of the musical instruments penetrating my spirit sooo strong that it was as though  I was transported there.

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Raising your vibration through music is a powerful tool in the manifestation process.


3.  Visualization

It is no secret that visualization is a key component to manifestation.

While listening to the album, the music was sooo potent and sooo powerful, that I became intertwined with it.   I could not only feel myself  there with, Erykah, I could see it as well.   It was not something that I did consciously.  As, the vibration of the music swept over me…it was like it overtook me and it carried me away.  As I allowed myself to be carried away, I saw myself there.

It was like an out of body experience.


4) Block Negativity

One of the biggest hindrances in the law of attraction is resistance.  Resistance is our minds way of blocking the things we are trying to manifest.  We know we are in resistance when we are overthinking and telling ourselves all the reasons why we can’t be or have what we want.

When we resist, we are no longer in faith.   We are coming from a place of doubt, worry, and fear.

In that moment, we are no longer using our hearts, but rather our heads.

But  music has a magical ability to suppress the resistance.   You get sooo caught up in the beauty and light-heartedness of the music…it’s like you are on a cloud floating away…and (unconsciously) you lose sight of all resistance.  You are in the moment…letting go of all the worldly chatter…and all your subconscious opposition is overcome by the power of the music.


So it is clear to see how music for manifestation can be a powerful tool.  But just any music won’t work.

It has to be powerful, high vibrational music that speaks to your heart and soul in a powerful way.

When you hear it, you will have no doubt about its power.

So don’t fight it, and don’t resist…let the music overtake you…

And watch miracles start to happen!!


Do you recall a time when you saw something you really wanted naturally manifest in your life after listening to music?  Comment below.


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4 thoughts on “A Powerful Secret to Raising Your Vibration

  1. I, too, have had powerful manifestations through music, particularly when dancing is involved. In fact, I believe that’s how I manifested my current relationship! I realize now that when I’m listening to guided meditations, I often have difficulty connecting because they lack that musical component. Sometimes I’ll just meditate to Brainwave Entrainment soundtracks on YouTube; they can be very effective.

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Kate 🙂 It is definitely a powerful tool in the manifestation process. I’ve been listening to a lot of great, old love songs, lately…so…you never know… 🙂

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