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September 25, 2017/By: Erin Mixon


In this post, we’ll explore some of the many benefits of a gratitude journal.

According to, gratitude is defined as the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful.   I was first turned on to the concept of gratitude many years ago while watching an episode of the The Oprah Winfrey Show.   I was a huge fan of the show (and the woman), so I looked forward to watching daily after work, or school.

During this time, Oprah shared with her audience how keeping a gratitude journal began to transform her life.   If I recall correctly, daily, she would list ten things she was grateful for throughout the course of that day.

After some time, her life, and the way she viewed it began to change for the better…


So what are some of the benefits of a gratitude journal?

The following are three gratitude journal benefits that can revolutionize your life!

1. It Changes Your Life Perspective from A Negative One to A More Positive One

Remember, what you focus on multiplies…If you put your attention and focus on what you perceive to be negative aspects of your life, don’t be surprised if all you tend to see is more and more of the negative in your life…

It’s the law of attraction at work, really.

But when you begin to shift your thoughts and focus on the positive aspects of your life, then it’s amazing how you begin to see and notice more positive coming into your life.   Remember, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”   This quote by Wayne Dyer sums it up quite nicely.

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2.  It Can Decrease Depression and Anxiety

Another one of these gratitude journal benefits, is that it decreases depression.  Depression is characterized by constant plaguing thoughts of hopelessness and despair.   People who battle with depression often view life as a dreadful and unbearable experience.   While there are many factors that cause depression, one’s thought process can often play a large part.

When making a conscious effort to focus on the positive aspects of your life (or not so bad), as opposed to what you don’t like, or perceive as negative, your whole disposition begins to shift.   Pretty soon hope begins to creep in where there was once absolute hopelessness.

Life suddenly begins to take on new meaning!!

3.  It Increases Your Overall Sense of Contentment and Well Being

After shifting your focus, considerably, overtime, that’s when the magic begins to happen.   Slowly, but surely you realize that you’re not just thinking about the wrong in your life and what doesn’t work.   Pretty soon, your mind is not as cluttered with as many pessimistic thoughts about the state of your world.

After a little bit more time, you will find that your once pessimistic view has now shifted to a much more optimistic and contented outlook.   The darkness has to flee as the sunlight bursts in!!

Sooo…what are you waiting on??? Start reaping the gratitude journal benefits today!!!

Go purchase that journal!!

And you’ll be reaping the benefits of a gratitude journal practice in no time!!!


So, are you now going to commit to starting a gratitude journal?

Or, do you currently keep a gratitude journal?

Comment below and share your thoughts and/or experiences on gratitude journals….

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