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June 24, 2021 /By: Erin Mixon

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Can you feel it??? We have arrived at the breaking of a new day!


I’ve shifted!!  Without a doubt, I can feel it soo clearly!


There has ben sooo much talk about this amazing shift over the course of the past few months.  Even with all the talk and assumptions, I didn’t know what to expect…

And while it was hard to get a clear grasp on everything the shift actually entails…

I knew that the shift had to do with the recent eclipses and various changes in the cosmos and that it would supposedly either clear karmic debt and lead to new breakthroughs and new and improved better days  and possibilities for the collective…or total destruction and judgement (depending on who you asked).

Even though I didn’t quite understand everything from a logical standpoint, intuitively I sensed very clearly that there was something going on.

During the weeks leading up to the shift, I felt a persistent unsettling in my spirit.  It was like all of my feelings had boiled to the surface… Whereas I am usually a pretty calm, peaceful, and sound minded person, I was a ball of emotions

Also, I went for weeks being unable to sleep

At night, my mind would race and I was plagued with persistent thoughts of everything I had dealt with in my life in recent years from the most pessimistic view point possible…



there was a lot of anger…a lot of rage…a lot of regret…and a lot of doubt and…a lot of second guessing myself


And the daytime was no better...nothing but a whirlwind of uneasinessand more doubt, fear and rage.

This continued for weeks…and then suddenly, things changed…

It was like the breaking of dawn!!


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breaking of day
Can you feel it?! It’s the breaking of day!

It was like the lyrics to Brand New Day featured in the movie The Wiz.

After some weeks passed, without warning, it was like instantly the light came in.  Where there were weeks of tossing and turning with a racing mind…now I was all of a sudden sleeping like a baby…

I even began dreaming the sweetest most peaceful dreams.

Throughout the day, I was sooo relaxed and serene…

My pessimistic outlook turned to serenity and an assuredness that all is:

  • well
  • going according to divine plan
  • working in my favor

Now that I’m on the other side of chaos and crazy and have had some time to reflect, I look forward to the future with nothing but hope and optimism.

I have a renewed sense of faith and hopeful expectancy.  I know that I am on the right track and anything that hasn’t been right up until this point was for my growth and preparation.   The future is bright and there is a shining bright light just up ahead.

So let the past go, keep moving forward, and don’t look back.

A breaking of day has arrived and a new day is here…

a renewed sense of direction and better days are just up ahead.

But you must believe and know.

Indeed faith is key.

I think these lyrics to Brand New Day (from The Wiz) sum it up nicely:


Hello world

It’s like a different way of living now

And thank you world

We always knew that we’d be free somehow


I command you all to go towards the light!!  It is your supernatural compass and will never steer you wrong… 🙂

Are you ready to step into the light??  Comment down below if you are ready!


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