April 16, 2019 /By: Erin Mixon


Is self-growth a topic you often think about…

but don’t necessarily have the tools to navigate?

Is your life currently in a rut?

Do you feel somewhat lost and need help to get unstuck??

Have you gotten tired of maintaining the status quo?


Has life just been more of the same, year after year, with no progress??

Are you ready to break free from the repetitive cycle of mediocrity…

Ready to breakthrough to that next level?


If so, you may be be asking yourself the question:  Do I need a life-coach?

Well the answer is yes.


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According to Merriam-Webster dictionary…
a life-coach is an advisor who helps people make decisions, set and reach goals, or deal with problems.
Life-coaching empowers you to look within to find the answers.
The process takes you on a journey of self-growth that equips you with the clarity to clearly see what you want and need to do…
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Will life coaching help me to achieve self-growth, awareness, and personal accountability?

Benefits of a Life-Coach:

My Experience

A few years back,  I embarked upon a spiritual journey–or rather, a spiritual journey embarked upon me.

I was very frustrated about where I was in my life…and nothing was really going right.

There were sooo many dreams and goals that I wanted to accomplish…

so many things I wanted to do…


But I just had no idea about how to get there.


I was aware that I had so much more in me that I was not tapping into.

Everyday I would pray…desperately asking for a breakthrough.

While I had a vague sense of what I wanted…

I had no real direction, and didn’t really know where to start…


Then, one day after work, my co-worker (whom I had only spoken to casually before) started speaking prophetically to me…

It stopped me in my tracks…


She started speaking to me about the fact that I was…

disheartened, discouraged, and frustrated about my current state in life…

and the fact that I longed for sooo much more.


Everything she spoke resonated so deeply with me…and brought my heart sooo much joy.

I knew she was sent as a direct blessing and a messenger from above.

After some time, she revealed to me that she was an intuitive and a transformational life coach (although not yet practicing full time).

Over the next few months, I underwent an up close and personal look at the benefits of having a life-coach.

She (my coach) began to work with me, help me, and guide me to get clear about my purpose and  how I could make the transition that I desperately needed to make.

self-growth, personal accountability life-coaching; life-coaching benefits
Let’s explore the self-growth process through life-coaching.


My coach was truly a pivotal part of my being where I am today–and one of the catalysts that led to me starting my business!!

I can truly say, it was life-changing–a game changer!

Life coaching changed my life in the following ways (and it can change yours too)!


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Here’s how:

1) Self-Growth and Awareness

As I stated earlier, I was in a huge rut as it pertained to my career…and my life in general, really.

I was on auto-pilot…just going through the motions everyday…but not really connected or tuned in.

It was like being in a sleep-like zombie state…like that old commercial…“Time to make the donuts…”


But when I started to work with my transformational life coach…

it was like all of a sudden…the lights began to come on.


The sessions woke me up and caused me to go from just existing in this cloudy, fog-like state…

to now being aware, tuned-in, present…and clear.


At this time, I began to sift through the cobwebs…

I could now begin to get real and clear about where I actually was in life.

As you can imagine, it wasn’t easy to actually allow myself to look in the mirror and go within…

to face the harsh reality of my current life state…

but with the help of my coach…


Breakthroughs and self-growth began to happen!


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This step was so vital because without it, none of the other steps would be possible.

But self-growth and awareness was one piece of the puzzle…

Keep reading to find out more about how it all came  together…



2) Clarity and Focus

So once I became self-aware and began to wake up out of my auto-pilot sleep…

Now it was time to get clear about my goals…and the things I truly wanted out of life, and what was holding me back.


Our coaching sessions revealed sooo much that I hadn’t been able to see before due to the clutter and fog from the daily challenges and responsibilities of life.

But now, through the help and guidance of my coach…

I developed techniques to peel back the layers, become more mindful,  and to identify and overcome limiting beliefs.


Now that the way was clear, I had an unobstructed path to now be able to make sense of what I truly wanted and desired…

and to develop a concrete plan to get there.


What is it that you desire??

What is your plan to get there???

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3) Solutions

At this point…being much more clear about my purpose and what I wanted, it was time to turn that knowledge into a practical plan that I could actually carry out.


I was no longer trapped in the repetitive cycle of having a vague sense of what I wanted…but no real direction or focused plan.


For years, I had struggled to find real direction, but with the intervention of my coach…

she guided me into not only honing in on a true sense of what I really wanted, but a path to get there.


My coach acted as the guide, facilitator, and accountability partner that was there for me to bounce ideas off of…

and when I lost focus, or veered off in a negative direction, she was there to steer me back on course.


When I gave a million and one reasons why something could not work…

she was there to ask the probing questions…and encourage me to stay the course.


The end result was a  concrete list of workable, actionable steps that I was able to start doing right away !!

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Let me help you find the answers…

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4) Personal Accountability

My coach truly held me accountable throughout the coaching process.


Anytime I wavered and became unclear, or ran into obstacles…

She was always right there to:

redirect me,

refocus me,

call me out on my stuff,

and help get me back on track.


The personal accountability piece is so important because there will be times where you will hit various roadblocks…


In the past when you would encounter these stumbling blocks, you would most likely just give up, or tell your self…

“I’ll come back to it later”…but unfortunately…2, 4, or 6 years later, and you still had made no progress.


But when you are held accountable…your feet are held to the fire…

You are forced to regroup and go at it again…coming back to it  later is no longer an option.


With the help of your accountability partner, you try, try, and try again until you find real solutions.


The benefits of a life-coach has truly changed my life!


So never ponder again the question of “Do I need a life-coach?”


The clear answer is yesto help you:

  • go to that next level of self-growth and personal accountability
  •  get unstuck
  •  stop repeating the same cycle of stagnancy year after year


Well if you are ready to finally make moves in these three areas of your life, then Life coaching is for you!!


My Life Coaching program is a guidance system designed to help you obtain real breakthroughs that will help you stay on track, stay motivated, defeat obstacles, and actually begin to see real change and results.

This program will equip and empower you with the necessary tools to help you:

  1. Get clear about what you want
  2. Form a true and lasting mindset change
  3. Transform your mind from Auto-pilot to Mindfulness
  4. Create a personalized action plan
  5. Overcome obstacles and barriers
  6. Identify/Overcome limiting beliefs
  7. Breakthrough previous barriers to see actual growth and change
  8. Achieve Real results

So what are you waiting on….???

What do you have to lose??


Don’t go another year lost, confused, and unfulfilled…

yearning to break new ground and receive real breakthroughs…

but continuing to feel stuck.

It’s time to:

take action

get real solutions

and undergo real change and progression…


The time is now.


So, if you’re ready to be the best you…then Dare to click here

Go forth…and be great…

See you on the other side!!!


P.S.  You have nothing to lose except for unwanted misery and stagnation…so go ahead…make a change, today…

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Ready to be the best possible version of yourself, amp it up to that next level, and to start making some real moves??


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