My name is Erin Mixon.  Welcome to my Blog!!

The purpose of this Blog is to share insight I’ve learned throughout the years pertaining to a variety of uplifting topics.   I just wanted to create a space to hopefully encourage, motivate, and inspire others.   My desire is that this would be a space that everyone could take something from and ultimately walk away better in some form or fashion.


Blog Intention

With this blog, my intention is to share various insights I have come to know and understand over the years.   My hope is that you will be able to take my life lessons, revelations, and epiphanies and somehow have your own lives be enriched by this knowledge.   My hope and prayer is that this knowledge helps you grow, improve, and just have an overall better perspective about various aspects of your life.   I hope that my experience helps you grow and broaden your perspectives.   So happy reading!!  Go forth and be better!!  Namaste!!