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How do you make yourself happier?

April 22, 2022 /By: Tina Martin

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You may already know you need to get rid of the habits that are sabotaging your happiness, but it can still feel overwhelming to focus on everything you should be doing to improve your personal life. If the last thing you need is more items on your to-do list, why not try a little reverse psychology and work on what you should stop doing?

How Do You Make Yourself Happier?

Stop Putting Yourself on the Back-burner to Make Yourself Happier

Stop saying “yes” when you really want to say “no.” Quit giving away what feels like every spare moment of your time and let go of the notion that failing to prioritize others ahead of yourself means that you are selfish and unkind.

Although remaining open to new experiences is an important part of personal growth, putting the needs of others ahead of your own often leads to stress and anxiety. You may get joy from being a people pleaser, but when you overcommit, you have less time for the things in life that spark real happiness.

Quit giving away your “me moments” and give yourself the chance to prepare healthy meals, exercise, and recharge mentally so you’re no longer putting yourself on the backburner.

Stop Prioritizing Work-Life Over Personal Life 

Stop allowing your work-life balance to be out of whack. You can’t improve your personal life if you don’t have much of one. On the job, steer clear of seeing everything that crosses your desk as a priority and focus only on what’s truly urgent.

Quit thinking that things won’t be done right if you don’t do them yourself, and learn how to delegate. Don’t think you have to stick it out in a job that you don’t enjoy and that doesn’t allow you to create balance.


A woman at work that has fallen asleep from exhaustion in need of finding ways to make herself happier.
Prioritize work/life balance to become happier.


Leave work at work.

Don’t feel the need to have every little detail attended to before you walk out the door.  You shouldn’t dwell on the events of the day. Instead, spend your time away from work with friends and family or engage in hobbies or activities that you love.

Reading and responding to work emails from home impedes your ability to truly disconnect.  This is why you should keep your professional email closed when you’re not in the office.


If you’re not able to establish work-life balance, it may be time for a career change.

You may choose to take a more rewarding and less demanding job that allows you to leave work at the office. This may require seeking new educational opportunities. Fortunately, online degree programs offer learners the opportunity to earn a degree in their field of choice while keeping a flexible schedule. 


Stop Beating Yourself Up

Stop being too hard on yourself.

It’s important to eat well and exercise.  Still, you’re not a failure if your plate isn’t loaded with grains and veggies at every meal or your body isn’t ready to run a marathon. Don’t give into comparing yourself to others and deflating your own sense of self-worth in the process.


Quit seeing your simple mistakes as evidence of ineptitude. Don’t think you need to excel at everything you undertake or risk being seen as a failure. Although self-awareness is a valuable tool for identifying changes that help you feel better about yourself, self-criticism rarely does more than foster negativity and unhappiness.


Putting in the necessary work to incorporate ways to become happier is rarely simple.  This is especially if you feel discouraged by all the things you know you should be doing to feel better. Instead of adding new habits, try eliminating existing behaviors as a way of turning things around. 

So, how do you make yourself happier?

When you quit focusing on other people’s needs, putting work first, and wallowing in self-doubt…

You’ll find it’s easier to improve your personal life and find ways to become happier.



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