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How to be happier and more positive?

April 11, 2022 /By: Jassica Mendez

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The sun is shining, the birds are singing, everything seems just right… But is it? If we go up close to your mind, there’s a dark cloud just waiting to burst into a storm. How does that happen? How do you make it stop? We’ve all been there, and, in order to help you, we’ve selected seven efficient ways to stop negative thoughts and increase your happiness.

How to Be Happier and More Positive:

1# One Meme a Day Keeps the Negativity Away

‘Don’t make me laugh,’ you might say. Well, even though making you laugh isn’t one of the main reasons for the existence of this article, our aim is to make you think on this one. The meme strategy can be the most efficient when you feel like you’re about to be down, but you’re not just yet. What do we mean by that?

When you start feeling that cloud becoming darker over your head, take action. Find the perfect meme online, or make it yourself and send it to a friend. For bonus brownie points, ask a friend to do the same to you. If you want a final-boss-level game, add some cute animal videos.

Humor is not a natural system of defense by chance. Why do you think the meme game became so severe during the pandemic? Seeing a funny meme or making your friend laugh will physiologically increase your serotonin levels. A cute puppy or kitten video will boost your dopamine too.

That way, the natural chemical reaction of your body will ruin that initial cloud before it starts to develop. You’ll be able to raise your vibrational energy in seconds. 

2# Get That Vitamin D

There’s no better way to make the dark clouds disappear than to bring in Their Majesty, the Sun. The sun’s rays are proven to act deeply therapeutic and are often advised for people trying to cope with depressing thoughts. Also, psychiatrists often recommend hanging out in the sun to people in recovery from addictions.

Namely, something as simple as soaking up some sunlight can do wonders for your physical and mental health and eventually bring about spiritual well-being and self-forgiveness. It’s definitely hard to deal with these emotions. However, in search of self-forgiveness, the path of light and rebirth is a way to go.

A woman looking out a window feeling happier and more positive
The sunlight can be very calming and healing.

3# Switch It Up to Become  Happier and More Positive 

Sometimes we all get ourselves in a toxic environment without even noticing. When you get all negative, try switching your residence, both physical and digital, to get to the bottom of the source of your cloudy thoughts. Go on a mini trip outside your city, turn all of your notifications off for a day, and you’ll see where the problem lies.

If you feel like the fast pace of life in the city suffocates you, consider moving to the countryside. There’s nothing better for your mental health than reconnecting with nature and peace.

4# Move a Muscle, Change a Thought

Getting up and moving about for a few minutes may shift your viewpoint, get you out of the spiral and give you those feel-good endorphins that increase your mood. ‘Move a muscle, change a thought,’ and it may significantly impact what’s left of your day. If you have the time, go for a long run or go extra hard on yourself in the gym. If you don’t like these ‘basic’ exercises, you can try different options, like:

  • riding a bicycle
  • going for a swim
  • playing tennis

Going for a prolonged workout and making an extra effort will give you more satisfaction and get you better fitness results. It will surely at least take your mind off of things for a bit.

5# Breathing Exercise Can Help Stop Negative Thoughts

Rather than coming from the present moment, our worry or dread often comes from uncertainty about the past or the future. You may return to the here and now simply by focusing on your breath, which naturally brings you back to the here and now.

The experts have the breathing technique just for you to practice! Inhale for four counts. Hold for four counts. Exhale for four counts. Repeat this process – four times. Relax and take a deep breath. You’ll begin to see the bright side of things.

A woman looking depressed in need of becoming happier and more positive.
There are several things you can do to stop negative thoughts.

6# Get a Grip on the Facts

Your opinions aren’t always accurate, and it might be helpful to hear them expressed by someone else. Do a reality test with a buddy who will examine your views and push you to discover proof of them being true. For instance, the anxiety of suddenly determining that if you set your mind to anything, you’ll fail – needs a perspective adjustment.

This person can provide you with other ideas, divert you, and provide alternative methods of dealing with your feelings. A friend can help you cope with the stressors of life more easily.

7# Compose a Letter to Yourself to Become Happier and More Positive

If you’re aware that you’re continually thinking about the same things repeatedly, experts suggest drafting a letter to yourself when you’re in a more relaxed state of mind. This will serve as a reminder to yourself to keep things in perspective.

In case you discover that your thoughts follow a pattern, a brief message that you can refer to at the moment will remind you to get back on track and not to place as much reliance on those negative ideas.

You may even start writing a gratitude journal that you will read when you’re feeling down. Seeing all the things you should be thankful for on paper can be a potent cure for a low mood. Writing it on leather might give a whole new dimension to the process if you’re an old soul. Try it out!

All in All

We all have the days when we’re feeling off. Those days decrease general productivity and certainly have an impact on our mental health. But don’t let those moments prolong and lead you into more severe conditions.

Stop negative thoughts at the early stages. If you feel like your condition is lasting more than it should, please consider going to the health care professionals. There’s no shame in asking for help.  When you do, you are well on your way to becoming a happier and more positive person.

We hope we have helped you at least a little bit. 


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  1. Interesting take on the issues mentioned and your word choices. Was expecting just another post about “how to be”, but found your point of view to be very original.

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