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Early morning motivation tips…

March 14, 2022 /By: Jassica Mendez

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You’ve probably heard the saying ”early bird catches the worm” a million times. But, how do people actually wake up in the morning and not feel miserable? Is it even possible? We asked some experts on your behalf and gathered a few valuable pieces of advice and tips on early morning motivation and how to start your day productively. Stay with us to learn how to become that early bird and get the worm.

The following are early morning motivation tips:

Get Some Sleep First

All right, we know that it’s not that simple to have a healthy daily routine. The pace of life in this time and day is reaching a speed of light, and you can expect to lose some sleep trying to catch up with it. But, you might want to reconsider the ”all-nighter” strategy in your chase for better life quality. This kind of lifestyle leads to a decrease in:

  • immunity
  • concentration
  • motivation

Motivation is the number one thing you need to get things done efficiently and on a certain quality level. But, once you start losing your sleep and disordering your natural sleep schedule, the motivation will also progressively decrease. As a result, you will need more time to do simple tasks, leading to even more sleep and motivation loss. 

Help Your Body Help You

What’s the catch? While you sleep, your body produces and releases melatonin and dopamine substances. Melatonin is crucial for body regeneration and improving your immune system. The other chemical, dopamine, medical circles refer to as ”the hormone of motivation”.

Your body releases these substances in pulses at night while you, ideally, sleep. According to medical sources, the peak of production and release is from 11 pm to 2 am. That’s why sleeping early is suitable as a motivation boost. Ideally, you will have 7-8 hours of sleep a night to get the best melatonin and dopamine release results. 

Make Your Alarm Your Friend – Not Your Enemy

When you get out of bed, the first thing you hear should be something that doesn’t annoy you. When your alarm is set to radio static or some other loud noise, it can startle you out of a sound sleep and cause anxiety in the morning. An alarm that plays soothing music like piano music or your favorite song or podcast can help you get out of bed more quickly.

Don’t Let the Time Pass You By Sleeping In

Getting out of bed can be more challenging if you snooze your alarm. Every 5-10 minutes of interrupted sleep does more harm than good. To get out of bed and turn off your  alarm, try putting it away from where you sleep!

A picture of a cat under the sheets and struggling to get up and get motivated in the morning.
A good night’s sleep is a must to improve early morning motivation.


More Tips and Tricks to Get Motivated in the Morning

There are many suggestions on what to do first when you open your eyes to feel more motivated in the morning. But it’s entirely up to you to tailor your morning plan according to your needs and personality. However, it’s essential to start with some actual activity within 30 minutes after waking up.

Immediately Turn on the Light

Your eyes’ light receptors tell your brain that it’s daytime, waking you up much faster than if you were to wake up and leave your lights off for an extended period after waking up.

Take a Sip of Water

When you sleep, your body loses a lot of water, making you tired when you wake up. A glass of water as soon as you get out of bed will help you wake up and prepare for the day. When you wake up in the morning, you should already have a glass of water or a bottle of water on your bedside table.

Make Your Bed

Making your bed first thing in the morning will give you a sense of accomplishment and motivate you to carry on with your day’s activities.


Scientific studies have shown that regular exercise and stretching can increase the feel-good neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin levels. You can naturally boost your energy and change your life for the better by exercising in the morning. 


A young man stretching and doing yoga as a tip to get motivated in the morning.
Exercising in the morning is one of the helpful tips to get motivated.

Dress to Impress – Yourself

The way you dress can significantly impact your mood and self-esteem. You’ll be more excited to face the day if you dress in a way that makes you feel good about yourself.

Put Your Jam On

Getting your day started with some of your favorite music can raise your vibration. Dopamine is released when you listen to music, improving your mood and giving you more energy in the morning. As well as releasing dopamine, listening to your favorite songs can help lower your risk of developing heart disease by improving your blood vessels’ endothelial function.

Create a To-Do List of Your Goals For Some Early morning Motivation

You may quickly become distracted or lose sight of your goals if you don’t keep a daily to-do list near you. By writing it down, you will always have a reminder of what you want to accomplish. Your motivation will increase as you cross things off your to-do list.

Change Things up a Bit

Routine can quickly become tedious. The monotony of your daily routine can harm your motivation. Consider taking a different route to work, visiting a new café, or ordering something unfamiliar from the menu. You can only feel more energized and motivated by adding variety to your life.

However, some changes can have a negative emotional impact on your productivity. For example, when you move to another home, this period can be hard. But to overcome the stress of moving, experts suggest you play a little game and find five good things about it that will uplift your spirits.

Come Up With Your Own Ways and Tips For Early Morning Motivation

Having motivation is like having a muse. The great thing about it is that you can choose your own. Following the advice the experts gave you is an excellent idea. However, you always have the liberty to have your unique version of early morning motivation. Now, try using some of these tips to get motivated in  and get that bread!


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