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Learn to handle stress… a stressed woman working on her laptop


October 27, 2021 /By: Jassica Mendez

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The time we live in is constantly changing. New technologies and medicine are developing all the time, making our lives easier and more prolonged. However, the side effect of the modern lifestyle is undoubtedly stress. Compared to the old times, people are now more stressed out than ever, at the same time trying to reach a simple, healthy, and easy lifestyle.  Tools to learn to cope with the stressors are more needed than ever…

Well, don’t you give up and let stress take over your life. Learn how to recognize common stressors in everyday life and how to manage them successfully, maximizing happiness in your day-to-day routines. 

This guide will help you learn learn to handle stress and get a new perspective on your lifestyle.

Why should we fight against daily stressors?

We often hear that stress is affecting our health, but do you actually understand what that means? If we let daily stress continue to pressure us, its long-term presence can hurt your physical and mental health on so many different levels. The results of long-term stress can cause weight gain, poor memory concentration, increase the risk of getting a heart attack, weaken your immune system, as well as a host of other problems. Stress is also known to cause different mental problems–the most common ones being depression and anxiety. 

All of these problems lurk and attack without you even noticing. Once a problem occurs, people look for all the different culprits without realizing it’s the stress that’s causing them health issues.  

Research shows learning to manage your stress can reverse all of the aforementioned issues and more.

The following list provides tips and advice to learn to handle stress effortlessly:

A girl looking stress in need of ways to learn to handle stress
It is imperative to find ways to learn to handle stress.

1) Lack of Time and Poor Organization 

Once we become adults, our daily tasks start to pile up. As you’re still young and strong, you feel you can always do more and do better. However, that’s not always the case, especially after you start a family. 

Being overwhelmed with daily tasks causes you to constantly lack time to do everything, and you feel exhausted in the evening. This race with time continues every day, causing the stress to pile up. To deal with this, you need to perfect your organizational skills and set priorities

Think about (or even write down) what you do in one day and see which of these things are necessary and which take away the most time. It will help you narrow your list to priorities alone. Then, you can choose the tasks you must do. That way, you can do less but with maximum quality and focus. The urge to do many things at once to save time is something you should avoid, as it leads to a stressful and tiring day.

2) Too Much Information and Constant Communication 

The internet has given us a fantastic opportunity to easily communicate with everyone on the planet. However, the negative side of this is that you can be reached anytime. Messages, e-mails, calls – once these start to pile up, the stress levels also go up.

 To avoid feeling the tension because of it, try to limit your availability. This means you should dedicate a certain period of the day to reading e-mails, answering messages, etc. Also, limit the number of communication or social media apps you use, as too many of them can stress you out without you even noticing. 

3) When Wasting Time in Commute You Must Learn to Handle Stress

Living in a big city often comes with long commute hours and traffic jams. People get nervous and angry about it, as they waste valuable time in their day just sitting in their car, train, etc. There are two things to do about it – move to the countryside, try to find a remote job, or find a way to stop wasting time during commutes. 

Use the commute time to do something that will help you feel more productive – listen to a podcast or an audiobook,  play some music, or even read a book if you’re not driving. Make this time a precious moment to calm down, appreciate your interests, and think about your goals or dreams. 

how to cope with the stressors
Do you feel less productive after spending a lot of time on a commute?


 4) Moving to a New Home Can Help (But the Process is Also Stressful) 

If you decide to spend less time commuting, you may have to move to a new home. Unfortunately, the transfer to a new home is also one of the most stressful periods in every person’s life. Trying to maintain daily chores and planning the move can be challenging, which is why many people feel nervous

A disorganized relocation process leads to reduced safety, lack of time, and insufficient money to do everything correctly. And that will only increase your levels of stress. So, to move stress-free, make sure you organize everything well so you can have enough time and money to do it. 

In general, all significant changes affect our mental state and cause stress on different levels. If you’re dealing with a more unpleasant change in your life that’s not an ordinary, everyday life situation, be sure to talk to a professional to help you overcome it. Also, don’t forget that a need for a change can bring stress to your everyday life.  Analyze why you’re feeling bad, and then see what you can do about it. 

5) Financial worries 

Finances are probably one of the biggest causes of stress, especially if you live on a limited budget. Routine calculations for paying bills, grocery shopping, and other expenses are very stressful, so try to find a way to make it work. If you can’t find a way to earn more, learn some ways to save on the things you don’t need. Budget planning is also one of the keys to successful finances, so practice it monthly or even weekly for better results. 


Common stressors in everyday life won’t simply disappear. You need to analyze these enemies attacking your health and mood each day and learn how to deal with them

Every person is unique, and different situations are considered stressful for every one of us. That’s why you need to have a unique approach to stress management and learn to handle stress  effortlessly to make your days optimistic and joyful again.



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8 thoughts on “Learn to Handle Stress Effortlessly

  1. These are some very real stressors, nice post!! Moving is a lot and can be especially stressful when you have a lot going on. I learned that you can do it all but you can’t do it all at once . It’s really helpful for me to spread things out and focus.

  2. I totally agree with limiting your availability and getting organized. This is why I refuse to own an apple watch, I don’t want to be that accessible by others! Thanks for the great read!

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