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How to find your life purpose and passion?

September 29, 2021 /By: Erin Mixon   

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How to Find Your Life Purpose and Passion?

Seeking Meaning

I’ve been noticing a disheartening concern affecting sooo many people during this difficult time.

In various different chat groups that I frequent, there is a heartbreaking, recurring theme…

So many people are questioning the meaning and the purpose of life.  

And many people feel as though they no longer want to be here.


And while I don’t have all the answers, I feel I can offer a unique perspective on how to find purpose in your life…


Because I have wondered about, and contemplated on, the same things in the past…


And I hopefully have some insight that can help. 

how to find purpose in your life
What is the meaning of Life?


 Searching for Direction

I started contemplating my purpose and what I was here to do about 10 years ago. 

It was an unhappy time in my life and I felt stuck in my career. 

There were so many things that I wanted to do… 

And so many gifts that I wanted to utilize…

But the right opportunity had not presented itself.


This led to lots of frustration, depression, and feeling like I was in a rut


Then things began to change


I had been wanting to make a career change for a very long time.

Although I didn’t have the guts and the faith to walk away from my secure job…

Then the universe intervened


And somehow I was able to get a loan that allowed me the time and space to pursue my passion full time. 


And I haven’t looked back since…


Life Purpose

Intuitively, I think I’ve always known my purpose.

As a little girl, I loved to read and write.  It was always my favorite thing to do.

But I allowed the voices of other people, the stress of life, and fear…to keep me from pursuing this dream.

And as a result, I endured a lot of unhappiness and frustration…

When I stopped living my life for others and got back to what my heart was leading me to do…


I started to get back to my true authentic self and my true life purpose…


And the synchronicities that I began to see as a result confirmed it all…

A woman sitting on a mountaintop thinking about her life purpose and passion.
How do I find my life purpose and passion?

Life Meaning

Being able to do my life’s work brings me so much joy and happiness…

I am constantly in a high vibration and always fulfilled…

My life’s work as an inspirational blogger and life coach allows me to utilize my passion and gifts while helping others to grow and flourish…


This work truly gives my life meaning and purpose…


And a reason for being here…


When I am creative and doing my life’s work, I come into, and get to utilize, my superhero powers…


Serving Humanity and Finding Passion

Whatever you determine your purpose to be…

It will involve serving your fellow man in some way.

We were all blessed with certain individual gifts that make us unique and special.  

The Creator bestowed these gifts upon you, specifically, so that you could develop and refine these gifts to serve and to inspire and enlighten your fellow man.


And what makes it so amazing is that…


As you serve, help, inspire, and enlighten others, you will be blessed as a result.


Not only will the universe reward you and send positive energy back to you (because of the positive light that you emit)…

But it has been scientifically proven that doing good for others boosts our serotonin levels and helps to stave off depression…


So as you bless others, you will also be blessed…


The Point of it All 

I believe we all come here with a soul contract.  

And that before you came to this Earth there were certain things that you agreed to do.

But when you come to this Earth..


Life makes you forget…


You go back to sleep…


But when you come back to yourself and your true purpose…


You wake back up.


But this is part of the process of the game of life.


This Awakening process is where you:


  •             Come back to who you truly are
  •             Become aware of your gifts
  •             Come into your life purpose
  •             Begin to serve humanity 

So I hope that you all are much more clear on how to find purpose in your life….

 I truly believe that life will not make sense until you find your purpose.

 When you find your purpose….

The meaning of life will become so clear.


Where you find meaning and purpose…

 There you will find true content and fulfillment.


I urge you all…go forth, do the work, and step into the light!


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One thought on “How to Find Your Life Purpose and Passion

  1. Congratulations having listened to your passion and being able to live it daily! That’s inspiring, it’s not an easy thing to do and the risks seem high. I love that your sharing your story and agree that uplifting others as you lift yourself is a great approach in life. I think the more people win, the more we win. It’s all about giving back.

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