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September 27, 2021 /By: Jassica Mendez

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I’m going to let you in on a life-changing, lesser known healthy living tip…

Moving to a rural area is a great chance to escape the big city rush and crowds and find some peace and quiet. Moreover, there are so many health benefits of living in the countryside. If you are wondering what they are, you are in just the right place. Hopefully, this article will be enough to convince you to pack your bags and start a new and healthier life.


 Why Should You Leave the City?

If an inside voice tells you that it’s time to leave the crowded city, you should pay attention to it and trust your gut.  However, if you are still searching for good reasons to make this decision, here are just some of them:

  • The costs of living is incredibly high in big cities.
  • Traffic can be horrible.
  • Cities have higher crime rates.
  • There is less access to nature and greenery.
  • City life means no close and tight community.

Healthy Living Tip: Benefits of Living in the Countryside

Moving to the countryside is not only a great solution if you are desperate for a change, but it is also a great way to improve your and your family’s health. Below, you’ll find out what some of the health benefits of living in the countryside are:

Air Quality: Less or No Pollution

In recent years, air quality has become one of the main concerns. The world is focusing more on green living as cities have become highly polluted. Even suburban areas are struggling with air pollution…causing more and more people to move to the countryside.

Air quality in cities is usually very poor due to pollution.

When it comes to the countryside, most areas are free from pollution. Even where there is some, it’s minimal. With so many trees and plants that convert carbon dioxide to oxygen, the air is cleaner and healthier to breathe.

Access to clean and healthy air is especially beneficial for people with pulmonary issues such as asthma or people with different allergies.

Healthier Childhood For Your Kids

A rural setting is a much healthier environment for your kids to grow up in. Not only will they be breathing more fresh air, but they will have more open space for running, they can climb trees and get physically active in many different ways that are impossible in the city


Living in the countryside has a positive effect on kids’ mental health, too. They are less likely to feel lonely as parents have more time to dedicate to them.

Also, people in cities tend to feel alienated, but the countryside is a lot different.  You’ll be living in a tight community where you know your neighbors and your kid’s friends. This could have a significant influence on your kids’ sense of security and overall happiness.

healthy living tip
Healthy living tip: By moving to the countryside, you’ll give your kids an opportunity to have a much healthier childhood.

However, keep in mind that moving with kids can be challenging, especially if moving from an urban to a rural setting. Family moves require additional planning and patience. Make sure to tell your kids about the relocation as soon as possible, as this will give them time to process the change. Another good idea is to involve them in the moving process and make them feel like they’re helping.

More Opportunity to Exercise

Living in the countryside provides you with an excellent opportunity to go out and move your body. Although you can always exercise in the gym, outdoor activities are much healthier in many ways. It’s also safer –  if you want to run or cycle, for example, there are plenty of places with no traffic to worry about. 

Lower Stress

Did you know that stress is the most significant contributor to many serious health issues? Not only that, being stressed affects your decision-making, makes you feel uncomfortable, and can even damage your relationships.


When living in the city, you are constantly surrounded by various stress triggers. Having to juggle various obligations, commuting from one part of the city to another, not having time to relax, being constantly exposed to noise and traffic, etc., can cause you a lot of stress and take a toll on your overall well-being.

If you decide to move to the countryside, you’ll massively reduce the stress factors around you. Of course, no one says that you’ll never feel stressed again, but country life is much more relaxed and laid-back compared to city life.


Life in the countryside allows you to experience tranquility. As you’d be living at a slower pace, you’d have more time to relax and do things you love. Simply living close to nature is a powerful cure for a low mood.


Access to Healthy Food

One of the essential health benefits of living in the countryside is better and easier access to healthy foods. Farm shops and farmers’ markets are ubiquitous in rural areas. You can buy organic and fresh foods grown in the area.


Although you have access to more restaurants in the city and can order take-out in the middle of the night, you are less likely to find such high-quality foods as you can in the countryside. Food available in farmers’ markets travel less to get to your plate, which means it’s fresh, and therefore, has a higher nutritional value than food bought at the supermarket.

healthy living tip
In the countryside, there are plenty of farmers’ markets where you can buy fresh and organic fruits and vegetables.


An even better option is to grow your own fruits and vegetables or even keep your own livestock. Taking care of your garden is also an excellent way to stay active while ensuring your family gets the healthiest food.

So, when are you moving to the countryside?

I hope you can see how  this healthy living tip can change your life for the better.

Considering all the health benefits of living in the countryside, you should seriously contemplate finding a perfect place and moving there. 

You’ll get an opportunity to create a healthy daily routine for you and your family and a chance to have a stress and pollution-free life

What is your favorite healthy living tip?

Comment down below… 


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