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April 20, 2019 /By: Erin Mixon


In my last blog post, I talked about why you need a life coach.

Now let’s explore more about the benefits of life-coaching and how it facilitates the process of self-development and self-accountability.

A few years back, I underwent a series of life-coaching sessions when I was at a crossroads in my life.  I had some big decisions to make about my future and my life-purpose.

I knew there was sooo much more I wanted to be and do, but  I wasn’t 100% clear about exactly what I wanted to do…or how to get there.

My life-coach was a pivotal part of helping me to narrow my focus and to uncover the mystery of what I really wanted to do.  In addition, she helped me to devise a concrete plan to actually get there.

After the process, I emerged much stronger and more enlightened.

Through the benefits of having a life-coach assist you in navigating through your life obstacles, you too will emerge stronger and more enlightened.

The benefits of life-coaching changed me (and will change you) in the following ways:

Confidence Through Self-Development

At the end of the life-coaching process, I emerged a much more confident and self-assured person. Years of being stuck in a rut, at the same spot, year after year started to take a toll on my self-esteem.

On the inside, you know you are destined for a greater purpose that you were put on this earth to fulfill (and deep down inside you know you have the answers) but when the solutions continuously elude you…it starts to take a toll.

You start to feel incompetent, incapable, and unworthy of fulfilling your dreams.  Sometimes you feel downright hopeless.

But when you are empowered with  a new set of tools and a new mindset…

the self-development process is unmatched!

You finally achieve the breakthrough that has escaped you for sooo long, you feel like you can truly accomplish anything!!


self-development, self-accountability, life-coaching
Are you ready to explore the process of self-development and self-accountability through life-coaching?



“Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure.”  —Marianne Williamson

An epiphany that I came to during my coaching sessions, is that a large part of what holds us back from accomplishing the things we really want in life is fear.  Fear of the unknown, fear of being uncomfortable in the pursuit of our endeavors, and even the fear of success.

But as you become empowered in the process (as a result of overcoming obstacles that you had not been able to overcome before)… and your self-esteem grows, and your confidence improves.

You will begin to see fears that you had prior begin to crumble and shatter.

Now that your mind has been transformed, you are finally able to see that the metaphorical monsters lurking in the dark.

Once you shine the light on it…

you realize that those barriers were only an illusion…

and you truly can accomplish anything!

Solutions-Oriented Mind-Set

After life-coaching, you realize you are no longer trapped…

in actuality you never were.

And this revelation and new found confidence and fearlessness forever empowers you with a new tool-set and mind-set that places your focus on the solutions to your problems and not the actual problems.

No matter how seemingly overwhelming the “problem” is, you know there is always, always a solution!!

Rather than allowing a problem to be a brick wall that you cannot go past..

you find a way to go over it…or around it.

The end result is a new way of thinking and being to better navigate through the world.

You are no longer hindered by the limited way of thinking and being that held you back for soo long.

The result is:

  • real power
  •  self-accountability
  • real solutions

So how will life-coaching change you?

Are you ready to take self-accountability?

If so…

Click here  if you are ready reap the benefits of life-coaching, be the best possible version of yourself, amp it up to that next level, and to start the self-development process of a lifetime!!!


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